Yue Hing Machine Factory was established in 1965 as a leading fire fighting service manufacturer in Hong Kong, founded the company in Hunghom, Kowloon, where the company remains today.

During the first ten years of business, Yue Hing Machine Factory operated primarily on producing good quality range of fire fighting equipment including different types of fire hose reels, landing/ hydrant valves, branchpipes, nozzles, couplings, fittings and sprinklers with 4 skillful and technical employees. All these services are mainly developed for the applications of water supply and fire systems purposes.

The company has grown more than 25 employees in headquarter and workshop by 1978. At the meantime, she expanded internationally, and began trading certain products from and to foreign countries such as Australia, China, Malaysia, Middle East, Singapore and United Kingdom.

In 1978, the company has expanded significantly, re-structuring the management team and recruiting a new sales team, developing and deploying new services provided to a number of strategic partners, and establishing multiyear commercial contracts with foreign product manufacturers. Yue Hing Machine Factory also has completed several acquisitions.

In addition, considerable time and effort were expanded in developing new range of products such as designing valves for the usage of plumbing and drainage systems, fire hydrant systems, air-conditioning systems and high-rise building to coupe with the market needs and strengthen the services. The company has also offered most of its products with recognized certificate and or approval, which was/ were issued by the domestic Water Authority and Fire Services Department to buyers, with competitive reasonable price.